Principal Supporter Membership

Community Energy England welcomes Principal Supporter Membership from any organisation looking to support the growth of community energy by providing us with enhanced levels of support, co-operation and potential collaborations for the benefit of the community energy sector and its growth. For those organisations who seek this closer relationship with Community Energy England and are able to make a more significant contribution to our activities and the ongoing financial sustainability of our organisation, we offer Principal Supporter Membership for £5,500.

First and foremost, the status of Principal Supporter of Community Energy England clearly demonstrates to practitioners and stakeholders within the sector the enhanced level of your support for the sector's success. In addition, as a Principal Supporter you will have a dedicated page on our website, which explains your key activities and support for the sector and includes links to your website, publications and other content - we encourage Principal Supporters to tailor these dedicated pages. Principal Supporters also benefit from up to five tweets per year from the Community Energy England Twitter account (4000+ followers) on demand (with notice) about your organisation's activities.

Our current Principal Supporters are:

Please contact Lisa West if you would like to discuss Principal Supporter Membership.