Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of Community Energy England; please use this form to join us. We will contact you within 5 days of receiving your application to ask for any additional information we need, and finalise your membership and appropriate fee payments.

If you would like to find out more about membership, please read our membership overview, and if you are unsure which type of member you would be, please read our membership types pages.

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Joining as a Community Member

Community Members are:
(a) Any social enterprise or not-for-profit organisation delivering or planning to deliver community energy projects, with a membership drawn primarily from the communities they serve; or
(b) Any social enterprise or not-for-profit organisation set up primarily to support the delivery of community energy projects;
(c) Community energy projects are those that are owned and controlled wholly or partly by a social enterprise or not-for-profit organisation and whose benefits are distributed beyond those that are investing financially in the project; and
(d) Social enterprise and not-for-profit organisations include: Charitable Incorporated Organisations, Charities, Companies limited by Guarantee, Development Trusts, Community Benefit Societies, Co-operative Societies, Community Interest Companies, Community Associations and unincorporated entities intending to incorporate as one of the above.

How is your community organisation incorporated?

One of the CEE's primary functions is to support the establishment of new community energy enterprises.
We are therefore happy to offer new and unincorporated groups membership of the association with charging a fee.

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Joining CEE as a Public member

Public Members are other organisations which do not qualify as Community Members or Corporate Members and can be identified as on of the below bullet points.

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If applicable (e.g. membership question applies to NGOs and representative bodies):

Our standard annual public and third sector membership fee is £550.
Local Authorities
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Joining CEE as a Corporate member

Corporate Members are public or private for-profit companies, firms or partnerships, which do not meet the requirements for Community or Public Member.

How is your community organisation incorporated?
Our standard annual Corporate membership fee is £1,100.
Joining CEE but unsure about how you are classified

If you are unsure about what membership would be best for your organisation, please explain your situation.

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How much of your organisation's overall business does energy represent?
Practicalities of Joining

Our membership fees are paid annually. Once we confirm your membership application, which we will do shortly, we will send you information about the fees and ways to pay.

Our standard annual Principle Supporter membership fee is £5,500.

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Final Agreements

Community Energy England is committed to fairness and diversity and expects its members to hold to the same values. Members of Community Energy England agree to create an inclusive atmosphere within the movement, promoting open dialogue and showing sensitivity for individual and cultural differences whilst valuing and acknowledging unique skills and experience.
To access Community Energy England’s full set of policies and for more information, please email us.

By submitting your application using the button below, you are confirming your support for our objects of association and agree to abide by our articles and bye-laws.