Cornwall Insight helps people inside and outside of the energy industry navigate the ever-evolving energy landscape.

We're a trusted provider of research, analysis, consulting, and training services, working with clients across the UK, Ireland, North-west Europe, and Australia to help them embrace a sustainable, flexible, and secure energy future.

Our expertise spans decarbonisation, energy regulation, infrastructure, policy developments, emerging technologies, long-term energy forecasts, and more. We help our clients harness the opportunities presented by the energy transition through comprehensive insight into the energy market, analysis of complex topics, and tailored advice and reports focused on bespoke needs.

What sets us apart is our passion for dynamic insights and cutting-edge research, and we proudly stand at the forefront of the renewable energy transition and policy debate. 

From utility companies to public sector bodies, corporate entities to policymakers, and any other organisation in between, we are dedicated to providing the tools necessary for our clients to succeed in the transforming energy industry.