Current Work & Highlights

  • Departmental Budgets Campaign 
    We are asking everyone to write to their MP(s) asking them to write to the Secretary of State at BEIS urging that support for community energy be provided from departmental budgets, currently being allocated. We have received feedback from BEIS that they have noticed an increase in correspondence about community energy and that this is being heard and is having a positive impact within the department. We want to keep this momentum going. So, if you have not yet written to your MP, please do this now. Our template email is available here along with more information and guidance on how to get involved. 
  • EAC Inquiry
    The Environmental Audit Committee completed an inquiry into Community Energy, which culminated in publishing a strong Letter to the Secretary of State for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), Kwasi Kwarteng MP with the subject: Removing the barriers to the development of community energy. It contains powerful advocacy for community energy’s importance and benefits. We are working to keep the pressure up, in a positive way, and ensure that these recommendations given within the letter are addressed.
  • Benefits of CE 
    To support our Policy Asks, we continue to collect data and case studies that demonstrate why community energy is vital to the energy transition to net-zero and a good investment of government money in achieving it alongside multiple other policy aims and incidental co-benefits.

Active Campaigns 

For short summaries of some of the areas where we are actively campaigning.

Current Consultations 

For policy documents and consultations that may be of interest to community energy groups or that CEE is considering making a response to.

Policy Responses

For a record of the policy responses we have submitted and our position on subjects that are receiving the attention of legislators.