Welcome to Community Energy England's funding opportunities page, where we gather a range of ongoing and time-limited funding from a wide range of sources and regions, all relevant to community energy organisations in England.

Local authority funding spreadsheet

We have created a spreadsheet to help you assess and access new central government (and some other) funds that will be channelled mostly via local authorities. This will help you know what is out there and argue for your inclusion in local authority bids for these funds. Access the spreadsheet here.

All other funding

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3.  Grant Funding
4.  Location-based grant funding
5.  Council Climate Funds
6.  Grant Funding Organisations
7.  Financing Organisations
8.  Crowd Funding

Latest Funding Opportunities

Government "Find a grant service"

The government's new "Find a grant" service allows you to search government grants. It is currently a pilot service and you can use it to access government grant funding, search and filter to find a grant that matches your needs, find out if you are eligible to apply for a grant and how to apply for a grant.

Climate Action Fund - Energy and Climate

This funding is available for a UK-wide Learning Network to support community-driven energy projects across the UK. They expect to fund 8-12 large awards in total (minimum grant £500k). You can find out more about this funding in this blog here, or attend a virtual event on 21 March/ 18 April/ 16 May/ 20 June. The deadline for applications is expected to be December 2023 - please apply when you are ready. Partnerships are key to successful applications - start consolidating them now. 

Energy Advice Demonstrator funding competition

An England-wide competition, closing on 27 April 2023 by the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNZ) and the Net Zero Hubs, to provide local, innovative, in-person energy-advice services to consumers. These services, which will be co-designed by the providers with DESNZ and the Hubs, will be pilot projects that explore the effectiveness of different methods of in-person advice, and better understand the advice requirements of different consumer groups. Projects are expected to provide support for hard-to-treat properties and/or for hard-to-reach consumers. See our very short guide with links to NZ Hub pages for more info and application forms and a briefing webinar and slides by the Greater South East Net Zero Hub. The application window closes on 27 April 2023. 

Energy Redress Fund (Innovation and Carbon Reduction focus)

The Energy Redress Fund, administered by Energy Savings Trust, 4 funds avaliable in a multi-million pound funding pot. Eligibility of Innovation and Carbon Reduction funds now open to community businesses (CBS, CICs and Co-ops), not just charities. We have have collated a specific and public page with more details on the fund here.

Warm this winter

As part of Green Alliances Warm this Winter campaign, a small number of grants are available for organisations community groups, local events, and activities that help to build public and political support for the Warm This Winter campaign. There are three sizes of grants available: small (£200 to £500), medium (£500 to £5,000), and large (£5,000-£10,000). The deadline for applicants in a rolling fund until early 2023.

E.O.N Next Fund 

E.ON Next provides support for household energy bills to those who may be struggling. This could be a grant towards bills or help to buy standard freestanding appliances such as a cooker, fridge, fridge-freezer or washing machine. They also have useful summaries of government schemes avaliable to support consumers:  Grants and Funding | Energy Efficiency Grants | E.ON (eonenergy.com)

Awards4All and The People's Postcode Lottery (supporting staff and employment costs) 

These two funds were noted as particularly useful for helping organisations support employment and staff costs associated with projects. Awards4All is up to £10,000 and the Postcode Lottery, up to £25,000.

Green Directory for Retrofit

Somerset has set up a new directory to support retrofit delivery. There includes various resources and links, including a useful page on funding.

Radical Routes 

A national association of housing and worker co-operatives, was suggested as able to offer low and zero interest loans and focused on sustainability action. 

Local authorities (accelerator and community grants) 

Parish, town and local councils were noted as having access to small funds or community grants that may be used to support projects. Larger authorities may offer accelerator grant options. E.g. West Yorkshire Combined Authority Energy Accelerator.

Local Energy Partnership (LEAP) Schemes (temporarily closed) 

Multiple schemes to support funding for energy advice, boilers and other appliances. Broad criteria for customers that can access: Apply Now | LEAP | Local Energy Advice Partnership (applyforleap.org.uk)


London groups noted a number of crowdfunds being raised to help fundraise various projects. A great example right now includes the Community Energy Winter Support (across London) Crowdfunder now live.

Funding through renewable generation 

Groups mentioned that starting renewable energy such as solar pv, wind or hydro have helped generate income to support the co-op doing the fuel poverty work. Slow income source, but many national community energy organisations may be able to help groups develop projects (no funding needed). Sign up to CEE's Loomio platform today to find all information: Solar October! Funding and support for solar avaliable through CEE Network | Loomio 

Other latest funds

Baywind Energy Co-operative Ltd (£1 million for solar and hydro sites)
Baywind Energy Co-operative Ltd is a mature community energy organisation actively looking for solar sites (above 20kW) and hydro sites. They are focused in Cumbria, but are open to support projects across the country. They will also be able to help install, maintain and own solar systems for 20 years at cost of a unit price much lower than commercial rates for those interested. For more information, please contact Steve Lawer: stevelawler1@hotmail.co.uk 

Levelling Up Fund Round Two Prospects
The second round of the Fund is now open and will focus on the same three investment themes as the first round: local transport projects that make a genuine difference to local areas; town centre and high street regeneration; and support for maintaining and expanding the UK’s world-leading portfolio of cultural and heritage assets.

Community Business Crowdmatch 
Power to Change and Crowdfunder have launched the Community Business Crowdmatch. Power to Change will match up to 50% of targets, up to a maximum of £10,000, where the rest is raised through crowdfunding.

Green Heat Network Fund
The Green Heat Network Fund is a capital grant support available for the development of new and existing low and zero-carbon heat networks. The fund is available to a range of organisations and the first round of applications opens on 14 March, followed by quarterly rounds until 2025.

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Coronavirus Emergency Funding

Powering Up
The Powering Up fund from Power to Change is offering a tailored support package for community businesses worth up to £20,000 in total. Powering Up is a programme for community businesses that need support shifting from an emergency mindset to investing in future planning. 

Community Shares Reboost
Power to Change has launched this fund to support community businesses to raise community shares capital that can support recovery in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Green Recovery Challenge Fund
The government has launched this fund, which makes grants from £50k to £5m available. The funding is for environmental charities and their partners whose work contributes to at least one of the following themes: nature conservation and restoration; nature-based solutions; and connecting people with nature. 

Social Enterprise Support Fund
This provides grants between £10,000 and £300,000 to support social enterprises during COVID-19 - to apply you must be a social enterprise in England, incorporated for at least a year, financially stable with an annual income between £25,000 and £1.5 million before COVID-19, substantially reliant on trading income to deliver social impact (e.g. sales and contracts), supporting people most affected by COVID-19. 

Facebook Small Business Grants Programme
They are offering $100m in cash grants and ad credits to help small businesses during this challenging time. Follow the link to sign up for updates on when applications will open in the coming weeks. 

National Emergencies Trust COVID-19 Grant
National Emergencies Trust, through the UK Community Foundations, have launched a Coronavirus Appeal to support grassroots charities and groups who’ll be supporting some of society’s most vulnerable people throughout the outbreak. If you are an organisation looking for funding please find your local community foundation through the link provided in the title. 

Vital for Berkshire Coronavirus Funding
The Vital for Berkshire Coronavirus Fund provides grants of up to £5,000 to charities, community groups and other not-for-profit organisations that are either affected by or are supporting people affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. Funding will be available to help organisations respond better and will help meet needs arising as a result of the crisis.

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Grant Funding

Industrial Energy Transformation Fund
BEIS has launched Phase 2: Spring 2022 competition window of the Industrial Strategy Energy Transformation Fund (IETF). Phase 2 is worth around £220 million in funding between Autumn 2021 and 2025. Businesses in England, Wales and Northern Ireland can now bid for a share of up to £60 million in grant funding through the Phase 2: Spring 2022 competition window.

Social Enterprise Support Fund
The National Lottery has re-launched the Social Enterprise Fund. It provides grants to help social enterprises rebuild from COVID-19, with grants between 10,000 and £10,000 to social enterprises in England.

Patagonia Grant Scheme
Outdoor brand Patagonia supports organisations with bold, direct-action agendas and a commitment to long-term change. Patagonia provides funding for organisations that build involvement and civic engagement and work to build an inclusive and diverse environmental movement, among other criteria.

Community Ownership Fund
The Government has launched the first round of bids for its £150m Community Ownership Fund. Open to community organisations across the whole of the UK, the scheme provides up to 50 per cent match-funded capital grants to help them take ownership of 'at risk' assets.

Community Business Crowd Match
Power to Change has launched this support package as part of the Community Business Renewal Initiative. The package includes funding, support to fundraising, guidance for community business leaders and help to continue and adapt services to ensure community businesses are at the heart of national recovery.

Community Business Reboost Fund
Power to Change has launched this fund in response to the Covid-19 crisis. The Reboost fund provides grant funding and matched equity investment to community organisations. The funder is particularly interested in community businesses in the following areas; Bradford, Grimsby, Hartlepool, Leicester, Plymouth, Wigan, Liverpool City Region, and Bristol. 

National Lottery: Growing Great Ideas
The National Lottery is looking to invest in different compositions of people, communities, networks and organisations over a long-term period, minimum of two years. The minimum grant size is £150,000 and there is no set deadline for applications. 

National Lottery: Bringing people together
The National Lottery Funding is open to new and existing projects which explore new approaches and are future-focussed. The funding is national and the deadline for applications is not set.

Grants for Good
The Matthew Good Foundation has launched a new fund for small charities and social enterprises. Every three months, five organisations are offered a share of a £10,000 pot. The fund is open to new projects with innovative ideas as well as established charities whose average income is less than £50,000 per year.

Energy Redress Scheme
Energy Saving Trust has been appointed by Ofgem to distribute payments from energy companies that may have breached rules. The Redress Scheme funding is available to support a wide range of activities, from engaging vulnerable customers to the installation of energy-saving or renewable energy measures. The amount of funding available through the scheme varies throughout the year and will be reviewed on a quarterly basis in October, January, April and July. 

Energy Networks Association Network Innovations Competition (NIC)
The electricity network companies have opened their Call for Ideas 2020/2021 for new, innovative and net zero solutions to the priority areas identified in the ENA Innovation Strategy, which can be taken forward and trialled on the networks, backed by up to £70m of funding. Anyone interested should contact their distribution network operator (DNO).

Aviva Community Fund
Aviva is offering grants to organisations that are working on projects that will increase community resilience and build communities through fresh thinking. They make decisions every three months.

Community Shares Booster Scheme
Community Businesses can access up to £10,000 to help launch community share offers, and up to £100,00 match-funding when the share offer goes live. 

Community Renewable Energy Funding
The Naturesave Trust provides start-up 'seed corn' grants for community renewable energy projects. They are keen to help communities, in particular, that do not have the initial start-up capital to undertake all the preliminary work. The projects must be from community groups and companies seeking funding for specific renewable energy projects. 

There are no deadlines for applications and no limits on the number of applications you can make. The Trustees aim to make a decision on applications within six to eight weeks of receipt of a completed application form.

Idea Fund
“I’ve got an idea” is a micro fund for individuals (or small groups or organisations) who have a novel technical idea that they want to try out that will have a social or environmental benefit. It will cover a variety of different costs and there is no set deadline. 

The Leathersellers' Company
This grant offers one-off, small grants (up to £3,000) to registered charities with an annual income below £200,000.

OLEV Grant Schemes for Electrical Vehicles
The government offers a range of grant schemes to support the wider use of electric and hybrid vehicles via the Office of Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV).

Platinum Jubilee Village Halls Fund

The aim of the Platinum Jubilee Village Halls Fund is to support the modernisation and improvement of village halls, so that they are fit for purpose and can provide activities which seek to achieve one or more of the following outcomes for their communities: improved health and/or wellbeing and/or reduction in rural loneliness, positive impact on the local environment, contributes towards net zero, support for the local rural economy, promotion of community cohesion.

Reaching Communities England

This programme offers a larger amount of funding (over £10,000) for organisations that work with their community, whether that is for people living in the same area, or people with similar interests or life experiences. It supports communities with the things that are important to them, including mitigating the impact of the cost-of-living crisis and supporting them as they seek to recover, rebuild and grow following the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Location-based grant funding

West of England Business Innovation Fund 
Companies in the West of England can now apply for grants of £20-75k from the Business Innovation Fund. The fund supports businesses from a wide range of sectors to help develop innovative products, processes and services, that not only fulfil market demand but also deliver industrial growth. 

Low Carbon Growth Fund
Small and medium-sized businesses, public sector organisations, and community groups developing low carbon projects across Derby, Derbyshire, Nottingham, and Nottinghamshire are being urged to apply for investment through the D2N2 Local Enterprise Partnership’s new Low Carbon Growth Fund.

Community Partnering Fund
Leeds Community Foundation, Northern Gas Network and Northern Powergrid are offering grants of between £1,000 - £10,000 to support community organisations across the North of England. 

3D Hub Community Funding
Community groups in the Birmingham area can apply for up to £10,000 to design and deliver data driver decarbonisation projects. 

The Community and Environment Fund
The Community Environment Fund has been created to compensate communities that are demonstrably disrupted by the construction of Phase One of HS2 from London to the West Midlands. 

Severn Trent Community Fund
The Severn Trent Community Fund is open to projects that focus on increasing community wellbeing, ideally which incorporate People, Places and Environment. 

Blackstone Edge Wind Farm Community Benefits Fund
Local areas located within a 5km boundary of the wind farm at Blackstone Edge, West Barnsley can apply for a grant for projects focusing on environmental protection, energy conservation, sustainable transport and promotion of civic responsibility/community development.                            

Energy Efficiency Grants for SMEs in East Sussex
Grants of up to £1,000 to cover 40% of the cost of an energy efficiency project, such as LED lighting, insulation or heating controls. Small and medium-sized businesses, social enterprises and charities in East Sussex (excluding Brighton & Hove) can apply. 

Somerset County Council Climate Emergency Community Fund
Somerset County Council is offering grant funds between £5,000 and £75,000 to community organisations that are undertaking innovative carbon reduction projects.

The Community and Environment Fund
The Community and Environment Fund can provide benefits to communities along the route disrupted by the construction of HS2.

Coronavirus Fund (Derbyshire)
The fund has been established to support community groups and organisations working to tackle the impact of the Coronavirus in Derbyshire. The initial focus of the fund will be to provide emergency grants of up to £1,000 to Food banks (that may be experiencing a fall in food donations and/or increases in demand) and befriending services, which will play a key role in helping those in self-isolation.

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Council Climate Funds

Camden Climate FundThe Camden Climate Fund can provide up to 50% of costs to reduce the carbon used in our homes, businesses and community spaces. The advice is to apply ASAP. 

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Grant Funding Organisations

Big Lottery Fund
Funding pots for community groups. 

Charities Aid Foundation
CAF offers a variety of banking, investment and loan solutions as well as grants for a variety of causes. 

Community Foundations
Community foundations manage funds from individuals, businesses and other donors who want to support causes in their local area.

Ebico Trust
Grants to fund support, education and research into fuel poverty of energy efficiency improvements to the local housing stock. 

Esmee Fairbairn Foundation 
Finance for community energy (grants and social impact loans). 

Friends Provident Foundation
Grants for projects that address the issues of economic resilience and systems change in different ways. 

Greggs Foundation
Grants for projects aiming to make a difference to a local area with clear consideration given to the environmental and social impact of the project. Further details on the Local Community Projects Fund here and Environmental grants here.

Joseph Rowntree Foundation
Grants for projects working to tackle climate change, poverty and rebalancing local economies, resources and resilience. 

Naturesave Trust
Grants to fund community renewable energy and social enterprise projects. 

Power to Change
Grants to help new and existing community businesses grow and become more sustainable. The Community Business Fund awards grants between £50k and £300k to established community businesses that need funding for a business development project to make their organisation more financially sustainable. So far they have funded energy efficiency measures for community buildings owned by the applicant organisation with the aim of improving financial viability. 

Sainsburys Family Charitable Trust 
Grants to fund registered charities or activities with clearly defined charitable purposes. For further details please see here.

Social and Sustainable Capital (SASC)
Simple and flexible financing for charities and social enterprises.

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Financing Organisations

Charity Bank
Loans to charities, community groups and social enterprises (£50k - £2.5m) for capital projects.

Coop Financing
Finance for community groups. Loans from £10k - £75k are available, but can increase to £150k. 

Capital revolving loan fund for RE projects (100kW - 5MW) (set up and overseen by BIS). Loans are available for development costs (feasibility), bridging loans (planning stage to construction) and short-term loans to cover construction. 

Ethex has a track record of successfully raising more than £70m for over 70 enterprises from a committed network of more than 15,000 people who want to use their money to create impact. Over £50m of the funding raised has been for community energy projects

Pure Leapfrog
Finance and support for community energy.

  • Community Energy Fund: draws on a credit facility from Big Society Capital (social impact fund), which can be augmented through donations.
  • Bridge Finance: £30 million revolving loan facility from BSC to support large-scale community energy projects.

Thrive Renewables Community Bridge Financial Model
Thrive Renewables will finance community energy organisations to help them acquire renewable energy technology. They have already supported communities with a £12 million investment into wind and solar projects across the UK. They can structure their investment as pure acquisition, joint ventures or mezzanine loans also. 

Triodos Bank UK

Triodos Bank UK has a long track record of financing community energy projects. They provide loans for project construction, operations and/or re-financing with facilities from £ 1 million up to £20 million. Triodos also helps community energy groups raise capital through Triodos Bank crowdfunding platform, they can raise amounts from £400,000 to £5m.

Younity Community Energy Kickstart

Launched in collaboration with Octopus Energy and Midcounties Co-OperativeCommunity Energy Kickstart is here to help plug the funding gap for community energy projects. With £1.5m of funds available, this bridging loan is for projects across England, Scotland and Wales who are building and managing local renewable generation to benefit the local community while creating more cheap, green energy.

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Crowd Funding

Crowd Funder




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