The Community Energy 2030 Vision is an accessible, vibrant document that showcases the sector's ambitions, innovations and the strong foundations from which it is pushing forward towards net zero, while also helping articulate what community energy is and the diverse and meaningful benefits it brings.

  • Formed from the input of a wide range of sector practitioners
  • Defines and explains community energy
  • Showcases the sector's ambitions to 2030
  • Highlights the diverse and meaningful benefits of community energy
  • Articulates how community energy can shape a decentralised, decarbonised and democratic future energy system
  • Is accessible and free to use, with many companion graphics and slides (scroll down for these)

Download the Community Energy 2030 Vision

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Since 2012, the community energy sector has grown (impressively considering the odds) whilst being flexible and adaptable - responding to a range of different energy-related needs. Now is a crucial time for the sector as it moves towards a new era, builds on increasing understanding of the need for more renewable energy and energy efficiency, while also seeking to make sure that the energy transition is fair and includes and advantages the most vulnerable in our society.

We want the 2030 Vision to be used as widely as possible so the document is available to download here along with individual pages, social media graphics and a summary presentation slide - we actively encourage you to take key sections, illustrations or pages and use for your own purposes. Please credit CEE when you do this.

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To create the 2030 Vision, we conducted with three stages of consultation (an event at our summer conference, a roundtable of key practitioners, a successful consultation which had 48 respondents) and gathered informal input through many conversations with practitioners and stakeholders.

We used these different processes to gather perspectives, experiences and plans from as wide a range of sector practitioners as possible, which we have incorporated into a fresh, accessible and highly visual document that can be used by as wide a variety of stakeholders as possible (MPs to community groups, energy network operators to personal investors in community energy) to help them understand what community energy is, what makes it different and how it can shape the future energy system.

We are grateful to our funders Power to Change and Friends Provident Foundation for additional financial support to help create the 2030 Vision.

The graphics and layout were produced by Jolt Studio.

Copywriting assistance was kindly provided by Helen Horton.

The data and projections used in the 2030 Vision were taken from the The Future of Community Energy’, commissioned by SP Energy Networks from the independent research consultancy WPI Economics.