Loomio hosts Community Energy England's national online forums. CEE has an all-member platform and a separate platform for our community energy practitioners and community organisations. 

Community Energy England’s Community Practitioner forum

Our Community Practitioner forum allows our community practitioners and organisations to  tap into a national network of community groups with decades of expertise and skills! This forum is only open to members of Community Energy England who are community practitioners. This is to provide a confidential space where practitioners can talk openly about their experiences and problems.

By joining the forum you are able to: 

  • move beyond emails and connect directly with the sector
  • ask questions, work through issues and challenges
  • offer assistance, share experience and talk openly 
  • share documents, videos and other resources
  • feel part of our nationwide community 

Community Energy England’s All-member forum

New for 2024, the key objective for launching CEE’s new all-member forum was to create a space for open interaction between community members and the range of  stakeholders and service providers within the sector who have shown their support for community energy by becoming members of CEE.  

This platform will enable our members to benefit from the expertise and services offered by these organisations. The all-member forum will also provide an opportunity for non-community members to engage with community energy organisations, thereby benefiting all members of our community. We hope that in time it will enable new collaborations and services to be created, helping the sector to grow. 

Requesting to join Community Energy England’s forums 

Our forums are only open toMembers of Community Energy England. 

If you are a Member of Community Energy England and would like to join one of the CEEforums, you can request this here.

One of the CEE team will assess your request and will add you to the forums relevant  for your organisational set up.   

If you are not yet a Member of Community Energy England you can find out more about our membership here. If you have any questions on membership, or would like to discuss membership and how to join CEE in more detail, please reach out to Lisa West