Policy documents and consultations that may be of interest to community energy groups or that CEE is considering making a response to are included below (listed in date order of responses required). Draft responses will be added to this page for member comments along with our final submissions. If you would like to input into any of our responses, please email us.

You can view and download our previous consultation responses here.

Latest Consultation Opportunities

We are always working to keep this website up to date with relevant consultations. If you come across any consultations that you feel would be relevant to other people in the sector please send them to f.robertson@communityenergyengland.org.  

Government's Net Zero Review call for evidence

The government has appointed Chris Skidmore MP, leader of the Net Zero Support Group of MPs, to conduct a Net Zero Review of its "approach to net zero to ensure it is pursuing the most economically efficient path to meeting its climate change commitments." and that it is "delivering net zero in a way that is pro-business and pro-growth." Many of the points they want to examine are areas in which community energy makes powerful contributions.

Chris Skidmore will meet stakeholders at roundtables and meetings. He is also on tour and we will try and get him to meeting community energy organisations.

Chris Skidmore was briefly a minister at BEIS and is on the Environmental Audit Committee (which produced recommendations on community energy in 2021, before he joined.) He founded the Net Zero Support Group of Conservative MPs to oppose the right-wing Net Zero Scrutiny Group who were spreading worries about the cost and value for money of pursuing net zero policies. He promised no 'rowing back' on Net Zero as a result of his review.

BEIS’ review aims to assess how to:

  • deliver maximum economic growth and investment, driving opportunities for private investment, jobs, innovation, exports, and growth right across the UK
  • support UK energy security and affordability for consumers and business and the need to rapidly increase and strengthen UK energy production and supply
  • minimise costs borne by businesses and consumers, particularly in the short-term”

Please respond to this vital consultation focusing on these growth priorities.

There are 30 questions. Our early draft response is here with the questions listed. Please use it to guide our response by adding comments and to guide your own by looking at the notes and drafts we will be adding over the coming days. You DO NOT have to answer all the questions but putting answers under the relevant questions helps BEIS officers when editing. Questions 24-28 are for 'local government, communities and other organisations delivering net zero locally'. There are other questions highlighted in green in our draft that you may like to respond to. 

Please emphasising concisely the co-benefits, including economic and growth benefits, of your projects to your communities and the benefits that will be missed from community energy projects (and other net-zero projects) not being able to go ahead. See the State of the Sector 2022 report for the 80+ stalled projects representing 68MW of capacity..

A prompt list of benefits that community energy projects commonly bring is here. A government commissioned but unpublished Forum for the Future report from 2015 indicated that community energy delivers 12-13 times more community benefit than commercial projects. This report shows that community wind projects in Scotland deliver on average 34 times more community benefit than commercial projects (which are encouraged to deliver £5k per MW installed). Community energy fuel poverty work delivers at least 9:1 social return on investment according to Bristol University research.

Deadline 27 October