This page is dedicated to surveys, requests for information and expressions of interest related to community energy organisations. We receive these from stakeholders within the sector, potential partners/funders and those carrying out sector related research.

We know survey burden is high in our sector, but that research and product/project development can be of significant benefit to the sector. To balance these costs and benefits, rather than send third-party surveys out directly, we have created this page to give those who have the time and ability to engage/contribute the means to access current surveys and research requests. Your contributions will help drive meaningful discussions, enhance existing projects, and lay the groundwork for new initiatives.

Please browse through the live surveys and requests for information and help in any way you want and are able to, and express your interest if an opportunity looks suitable for your organisation.

We understand the value of your time so we take care to provide clear descriptions outlining the purpose and objectives of each survey/request, along with the potential benefits they hold for the community energy sector.

The surveys and requests for information on this page are updated every fortnight. Make sure to check back often if you would like to stay engaged and contribute to the evolving landscape of community energy.

Opportunities to feed into Community Energy England 

CEE - Member Feedback

Member feedback is important to us. If you have any feedback or suggestions of things you would like us to do differently or change, please complete our member satisfaction survey

Help us shape your 2024 Monthly Member Calls

As we gear up for an exciting 2024 programme, we want to make sure that our Monthly Member's Calls are tailored to your interests and needs.

Your experiences, ideas, and insights will help us ensure that our Monthly Members' Calls provide the most relevant and impactful discussions for our community.

To achieve this, we are reaching out to you with a short survey. Your participation will help us understand which topics and themes are the most important to you. 

The survey will only take a few minutes to complete, and we have designed it with ease of use in mind. It comprises a multiple-choice question that covers a range of community energy topics and an open question where you can suggest other themes that interest you. You can find the survey here.

Grid Connection Issues

Connection issues are becoming a major barrier to community energy and net zero. We are engaging with the ENA and ESO on the issue. Please tell your story in this short survey.

Opportunities for the sector

These surveys are often expressions of interest to get involved with pilot schemes or help shape community energy initiatives benefiting the sector and community groups. 

Requests for Information

Are you part of a community energy organisation that is working with or has an interest in developing onshore wind power? Have recent changes to planning rules will affected your organisation's ability to develop new onshore wind projects? Fill in our survey here.