Share offers/investment options

It is important to know grants are not the only option for groups wishing to initiate community energy projects. Finance and investment are common areas for groups to consider. To help with this, we have collated the below page and links. 

Community Shares

Many groups opt for shares as an investment strategy. This can be complicated if you have never done a share offer before, so a number of introductory webinars are below. Community shares guidance from Co-operatives UK is a good place to start. For groups wanting more support, a number of CEE member organisations can offer costed services and support to help you deliver your share offer successfully. These organisations include Sharenergy and EthexWhen share offers are live, CEE also hosts a dedicated page for you to advertise your share offers and investments to help you find investors and raise awareness for your fundraising


Some groups also work with partners in the sector to have larger organisations co-fund or fully funded projects. This is particularly common with community solar, with the following groups offerring co-financing options. For more information on co-financing of solar projects, visit our dedicated page on solar and electricity generation.

  • Solar for Schools 
  • Energy4All 
  • Big Solar Co-op 
  • Baywind Lmtd 
  • CommunitiesforRenewables 

Other finance (loans, crowdfunding)

Other CEE members who may be able to help you through options like loans and crowdfunding, including members such as Triodos Bank and Lendology. For more information on these schemes and finance options, you can have a look at our funding page and database. 

Please be aware: Community Energy England is neither qualified nor authorised to offer investment advice. Nor has it vetted or endorsed any of the opportunities shown on this website. Those interested in participating should make their own assessment of each offer, should take note of any risk factors described in the documents, and may wish to take independent financial advice.

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