Business & governance

A community energy organisation is both a company and a business, which brings both obligations and opportunities. Thankfully there are some great resources out there to help you navigate the world of governance and business management.

Business, Governance and Financial Management

  • Power to Change - community business resources, inc. practical guides for energy projects 
  • Wrigleys Solicitors - host regular webinars on various aspects of employment law 
  • Co-operatives UK - resource bank on governance and finance resources for co-ops, inc. HR video (below)
  • Cooperative Assistance Network - wide range of template policies you can use for your own organisations
  • NCVO - guidance on financial management (all organisations) and governance (charity specific) 
  • Air Register - An airtable app which will help you mange your society's community shares register. Designed by leading community shares practitioners with support from Co-operatives UK, Air Register will help societies meet best practice around their ongoing administration and management of their share register.

Video Resources