Community Energy England and Leapfrog, with assistance from South East London Community Energy and RINA, created a tool for the community energy sector which allowed organisations to collect data on the social impacts that their community enterprises create. 

The tool has been closed down because we are working on refining how this data can be recorded, analysed and used. 

The Social Impact Tool was free to use and was created after a need for it was identified by the sector, in particular, the need to standardise how this data is collected and reported.

It was designed to be completed annually and allows an organisation to send separate surveys to its members, volunteers and site managers, which provides opportunity for a wide range of data to be collected, analysed and benchmarked.

Community Energy England envisioned access to the national data set which will feed into a national analysis of the benefits of community energy across England and Wales and will enable Community Energy England to conduct more informed policy work and campaigning.

This tool was coded by Richard Lane and funded by Friends Provident Foundation.