Parity Projects

Parity Projects has close to twenty years' experience providing impartial energy efficiency advice to homeowners and landlords who want to decarbonise their homes. It has a mission to provide every home with a retrofit plan and is delighted to become a Principal Supporter of Community Energy England to help members who share that vision, and perhaps want to help make it a reality.

Parity Projects has built up a national reputation among local authorities and social housing for its impartial advice on energy efficiency and decarbonisation in housing. Through this work it has prepared plans for 2 million homes in social housing, and has advised the local authorities of around 50% of the nation's homes.  Parity Projects has also delivered an energy efficiency one stop shop in London, Ecofurb; provides the software to support services delivered by Cosy Homes Oxfordshire and Your Home Better in Manchester; and set up installer cooperative RetrofitWorks in 2012 to help small businesses work together and bid for government-funded energy efficiency programmes.

It has joined Community Energy England not only to show support for the sector but also to cooperate and collaborate on energy efficiency projects. If your group is interested in getting involved in 2024, please contact Parity Projects via their website.