OVO launched in 2009 with a goal to make energy cheaper, greener and simpler. Since then, they have grown to become one of the largest domestic energy suppliers in the UK.

In 2019, they launched Plan Zero in response to the climate crisis. This is their commitment to becoming a zero carbon living partner for their customers and become a net zero business by 2035.

At the heart of our mission is greener energy. They work with a variety of generators where they pay them on top of the market rates for their energy, which in turn powers their customers' homes.

OVO want to help spearhead the growth of UK renewable technologies on the grid and believe working with community energy groups is the way to do that.

OVO is the first supplier to commit funding to specifically support subsidy free REGOs, helping to incentivise more small-scale, independent wind and solar farms by offering them an above market price for the electricity they generate.

By providing a premium value for REGOs from renewable generators that have not received any subsidy from Government or industry backed schemes, the initiative’s aim is to create a thriving market that will directly drive new investment in renewable assets in the UK, supporting the UK’s net zero goals. For new schemes that are not eligible for government funding, securing this additional revenue stream could make the difference between a renewable development going ahead or not.

This is aimed to give new community energy projects the boost they may require to get their project off the ground. OVO are joining with the intention to work with community energy groups on all things PPA.

With your help, they can power human progress with clean, affordable energy for everyone.