CEE was established specifically to support the growth of the community energy sector to help communities and companies to increase their presence and to encourage new entrants.

We are recognised as the representative body in England to talk to – an important role now that the energy system is developing so rapidly. CEE directors and members sit on a number of strategic and working groups, such as the Local Energy Contact Group and the Open Networks Advisory Group.

CEE works to build understanding between community, commercial and public sector partners in order to create the conditions within which community energy projects can flourish. Most of the most experienced participants in the UK’s community energy sector are already CEE members.

All members benefit from discounts on our own events, and many other events too. They receive our frequent newsletters, and have their own newsshare offers and planning applications supported and publicised on social media and elsewhere.

Join us and strengthen our voice to government and improve our ability to build effective cross-sector partnerships.